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The Property Development market is riddled with many areas of risk that need to be managed to deliver a profitable development. One of the key challenges in today’s market is how to limit the risk of dealing with ‘Brownfield Land’ as part of your development budget.

MEL (UK) Ltd (MEL) can eliminate that risk completely by taking the responsibility of delivering a ‘Fit For Purpose’ site with all necessary approvals to allow the development program to commence.

This can be done on a fixed cost basis so all the risk is placed firmly with MEL  and there are no unforeseen costs to deal with. We have at our disposal a comprehensive range of remediation options which have been proven to deliver time and time again.

This is a proven approach adopted by us to ensure that you can budget and plan your development effectively and with complete confidence and no surprises.

All of our Remediation Technologies are quick to mobilise and can be engineered to avoid disruption to construction programmes and again minimise risks and costs to the overall project.

Services provided as part of our approach:

  • Remedial Options Evaluation assess a broad range of remedial options or combination of options in order to define the best practicable approach to remediating all pollutant linkages that present an unacceptable risk at a site
  • Detailed Options Appraisal to review of shortlisted remediation options to determine which are the most appropriate for addressing each relevant pollutant linkages by detailed analysis of technical attributes. The evaluation process is completed by taking into account the Best Practicable Environmental Option (BPEO), costs benefit, environmental outcomes and appropriate timescales for remediation
  • Regulatory Approvals – We have a proven track record in ensuring that end points for work elements are negotiated effectively and approvals sought in a timely manner to prevent delay in the overall project/client programme
  • Implementation of the regulatory approved Remediation Strategy, and long term monitoring and maintenance advice
  • Asbestos Survey and site management plan for assessment  and removal 
  • Hazardous materials surveys; assessment and mitigation
  • Detailed Abnormal Cost Appraisals – We provide robust technical and commercial advice to our clients by helping them understand and manage potential risks and accurately detailing provisions they need to make to maximise their investment and underpin their development return.
  • Bulk Earthworks packages are assessed and Managed for our clients to ensure they realise the significant benefits of completing these work alongside the completion of remediation on a site thus providing a suitable development platform in the most proactive time scale possible.
  • Ground Improvement – undertaken as part of remediation projects on sites where challenging ground conditions need to be overcome
  • Asbestos and Hazardous Materials Removal are completed post audits or surveys and to manage risks for sites either as part of controlled decommissioning or decontamination prior to site investigation and remediation of a site 
  • Demolition Services can often form a significant element of regeneration and brownfield remediation projects and the ‘All Risk’ approach offered by MEL can ensure that there are no areas of overlap on costs and that any benefits of an overall Managed Project are reflected in the time scale and costs 
  • Crushing and Recycling of site derived materials as part of Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs) allows for sustainable reuse of materials within the new development site or platform

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